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Why Topical Compounds?
Ever wonder how the transdermal mode of delivering drugs to your body works?
ENT Therapies

Beaches Pharmacy is your resource for Ear, Nose and Throat customized medications. We offer several therapies to help alleviate symptoms related to allergies, sinuses, and other disorders connected to the ears, nose and throat. We are here to help treat your underlying condition, not just relieve your symptom.

Our highly trained pharmacists are equipted with knowledge, specialized equipment, ingredients and innovative drug delivery devices to provide you with the quality medications you need. Antibiotics, anti-fungals and steroids are often incorporated into a nasal solutions, gels or irrigations. We carry specialized equiptment that delivers drug directly into the sinus cavity. Examples of available devices we compound for include: NasoNeb® Nasal Nebulizer, NeilMed® Sinus Rinses, metered nasal spray bottles, MAD® Nasal Syringes, normal saline and sterile water for irrigation, throat sprayers, and nasal gel syringes.

Beaches Pharmacy has partnered with MedInvent, a leader in the field of solutions for chronic nasal conditions, to make the NasoNeb® Nasal Nebulizer available through your local pharmacy. The NasoNeb® comfortly delivers medications directly into the sinuses in less than two minutes, with little drug waste and no lung absorption. We also carry replacement parts for your NasoNeb® System.

Inquire about ENT therapies by calling us at 888-960-6441 or using our contact us form.

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