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Why Topical Compounds?
Ever wonder how the transdermal mode of delivering drugs to your body works?
Migraine Compounds

Millions of people suffer the debilitating effects of migraines. The exact cause of migraine headaches can point to numerous factors, and there is no specific cure. Migraine symptoms can, however, usually be managed with lifestyle changes and medications to reduce the frequency of migraine occurrences, and help reduce the pain once it begins.

While traditional medicine offers options for treatment, many patients turn to Beaches Pharmacy for treatment alternatives. Compounding offers a variety of medication options, which are often more cost effective than commonly used prescriptions, and may reduce the possibility of side effects. Our pharmacists can work with your doctor to combine migraine medications with pain reducers, and add medication to treat nausea, all in one compound!

Mayo Clinic has reference a number of factors on their website that may trigger migraines. The list includes:

  • Hormonal changes in women. This includes normal hormonal fluctuations, changes due to pregnancy or menopause, and even with the use of hormonal medications.
  • Foods. Examples include aged cheeses, salty foods and processed foods. Skipping meals or fasting also can trigger attacks.
  • Food additives. The sweetener aspartame and the preservative monosodium glutamate (MSG), for example, may trigger migraines.
  • Drinks. Alcohol, especially wine, and highly caffeinated beverages may cause migraines.
  • Stress.
  • Sensory stimuli. Bright lights or sun glare can induce migraines, as can loud sounds. Unusual smells such as perfume, paint thinner, and secondhand smoke can trigger migraines.
  • Changes in your sleep pattern. Missing sleep, or getting too much sleep can be a cause, as can jet lag.
  • Physical factors. Intense physical exertion, muscle tightness, even dehydration, may provoke migraines.
  • Changes in the environment. A change of weather or barometric pressure can prompt a migraine.
  • Medications.

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