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Why Topical Compounds?
Ever wonder how the transdermal mode of delivering drugs to your body works?
Muscle Rubs

Muscle soreness or stiffness can develop from overuse, injury, stress or illness.  According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, muscle tightness increases the risk of muscle strain or tearing of muscle fibers during activity.  Often times, heat, ice, massage, stretching, and over the counter muscle rubs are not enough.  

Beaches Pharmacy creates muscle creams that contain prescription ingredients to help alleviate muscle pain, cramping and stiffness.  When massaged into sore muscles, you can eliminate muscle soreness and stiffness.  Our goal is to help you be able to move freely without pain, inflammation, or the loss of range of motion.

For more information regarding muscle rubs, please contact us at 888-960-6441.


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