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Why Topical Compounds?
Ever wonder how the transdermal mode of delivering drugs to your body works?
Wound Care

Beaches Pharmacy has specialists who can consult with you regarding how wound care should be provided and the treatments appropriate for it. Our pharmacists have had significant experience in identifying the different types of wounds. A new and innovative base that Beaches Pharmacy uses to create amazing results with wounds is SpiraWash. Spira-Wash Gel is a remarkably adherent base designed for a variety of different applications, including anti-infection treatments of the skin, dermatology, occlusive needs, wound care and topical humectants. It is a soft opaque Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) ointment base containing organic Meadowsweet Extract. Due to the phenolic glycosides (spiraein) and flavonoids in the meadowsweet, it potentially has germicidal, anti-inflammatory and healing properties, thus making it a good choice for wounds, ulcers, burns, sores, and cuts. Spira-Wash is a water washable base, which is very important in wound care since wounds need to be cleaned/debrided on a regular basis. Ointments that are not water soluble often present a big problem to healthcare providers.


  • Water washable base for easy cleansing debridement.
  • Adherent base.
  • Maintains a moist environment at the application site. The objective of wound management is to provide conditions that will maintain a moist wound environment which allows for optimal healing. This also allows the possibility of increasing macrophage and fibroblast activity.

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